<Episode 73: Superstar>

Season: Episode 17 of Season 4
Original Air Date: 04/05/2000
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: David Grossman

Jonathan mojos everyone into thinking he's impossibly cool.

Plot Highlights:

Buffy gets Jonathan's help with a vamp nest. Jonathan threatens Spike. Buffy's uncomfortable around Riley, goes to Jonathan with post-Faith angst. Jonathan lectures the Initiative, and counsels Riley. Dancing at the Bronze. Monster sighting. Adam escapes Jonathan spell. Tara is chased by the monster. Buffy starts having doubts. Buffy beats the monster lair location out of Spike. Giles & co find out about Jonathan. Buffy & Jonathan kill the monster. The gang deals with a Jonathan-less world. Buffy & Riley smooth things over.

Transcript Source:
Download from http://www.studiesinwords.de/73superstar.html
Transcribed by Corwin2
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There are 38 clips for this episode

The following AKAs appeared in this episode:
The following characters appeared in this episode:
|Adam |Anya |Buffy |Giles |Jonathan |Riley |Spike |Tara |Willow |Xander |

The following Story Arcs where represented in this episode:

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Where the Wild Things Are

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