grown whole      (May 10th, 2004)

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It's been entirely too long! Turns out, even when your build goes swimmingly like mine did, having a new computer to set up and install a gazillion programs and retool custom scripts for takes vast acres of time in which you can grow crops. But the mayhem is slowly started to die down, and I've had a little time to start rifling through my images and start thinking about getting back to photoshop.

And so, naturally, what else should I start with than Connor's recent return. Both these images are from that final scene, as Angel stands staring after his exiting son. I started very simple, and for a long time, it stayed simple, but it was looking a little too glowy and plasticy, which doesn't seem right for Connor/Angel at all, so I went back to the drawing board and went for more texture, introducing the stucco-kind of texture and the city-scapes to ground it and give it a sense of place. Stock pictures are my friends!

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