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(April 2003) yep, it's been a year, so I figured it was time for tinkering with the design. I'm mostly done tinkering now, though you might have to do some shift-refreshing from time to time, clear your cache, etc, if the old graphics are stuck here and there...

This site has been programmed so that each page randomly selects one of the available designs each time you load it. All the designs have the same dimensions and share some features, but feature different images. In theory, this should allow me to add a new design without having to talk myself into removing a current one of which I'm fond... the designs currently in rotation are:

Design 1: v. citytree (view) april 2003

Stock photos of LA mixed in with a photo of a tree in Utah found via google.

Design 2: v. factory showroom (view) april 2003

Stock photos of warehouses and factories from gettyone.com

Design 3: v. sunset (view) april 2003

Stock photos of the ocean and other natural locations at sunset, from gettyone.com.

Design 4: v. freeway (view) april 2003

Stock photos of LA freeway/cityscape mixed with a grassy graveyard.

Design 5: v. circuit (view) april 2003

Stock photos of circuit boards from gettyone.com.

Design 6: v. desert rose (view) april 2003

Stock photos of the desert from gettyone.com.

In April 2003, I replaced all the old designs with a new set. The designs below are no longer in rotation, but you can still read about them and view the thumbnails below.

Home Page

Home page design

Details used along the bottom of the front page come from the same gate that provides the pikes for the outer frame of the general design. The gate is in the family graveyard at Monticello where Thomas Jefferson is buried, from a photo I took in March 2001. The tree on the right side of the front page is one of the large Linden trees in front of Monticello. The drawn border on the left is from Beardsley's "the Lady of the Lake Telleth Arthur of the Sword Excalibur".

About Page

About page design

The large dragon on the right is a door knocker on a red wooden gate somewhere in the National Arboretum in Washington DC. From one of the first photos I took with my digital camera back in April 2000. Below that are some dinosaurs from a door panel in the reptile house at the National Zoo (also in DC, taken a month or so later). More details from the door knocker are used along the bottom. The "angry turtle" at the bottom left is the base of a sculptured column from outside the reptile house, again at the DC Zoo. The flower close-up on the left is from a nasturtium I grew from seed on my balcony.

Slayerhood Page

Slayerhood page design

The key image is of course the "First Slayer" from BtVS. This particular screen cap is from Weight of the World. Directly below are some bamboo fronds from a custom brush I made using a print of Wu Chen's 14th century "Bamboo in the Wind". The tree in the bottom right corner is a bonsai from the National Arboretum's collection. A stone wall in the middle of the Ivy Creek Natural area just north of Charlottesville, VA is used for the bottom. The left panel uses the hilt of one of those decorative silver heavy-metal-style swords I found for sale on-line.

Every Night Page

Everynight page design

The Spike capture at the top right is from the stairwell scene in "After Life" where he learns that Buffy is back from the dead. The little shot at the bottom right is from later in that scene. The bottom panel uses more of Beardsley's "the Lady of the Lake Telleth Arthur of the Sword Excalibur". The right panel uses a piece of asian art out of a Sackler Gallery (DC art gallery) brochure. Van Gogh's "Starry Night" is behind it all, but you can barely see the swirls.

Lyric Gallery Page

Lyric Gallery page design

The texture on the right panel is a close up shot of some dirt along my usual hiking trail, laid over the basic confused orangy texture that I made using custom brushes for the home page design. The spider web that stretches across the left and bottom panels was one of many on my balcony last year. I also worked in a parts from a picture of a mostly bare tree with a few ragged autumn leaves that I took last November.

Title Gallery Page

Title Gallery page design

The peacocks are from photos I took in March 2001 at Ashlawn-Highland, home of James Monroe (5th US pres). I used part of the fence from their enclosure to add texture the right side of the bottom frame. I used a photo of a Tithonia (mexican sunflower) that I somehow managed to grow in a pot on my balcony last year for the bottom left corner (the plant was truly ugly, just a stick with some straggly leaves; but the flower! wow!) The background on the right frame is of some dead grass in a little community garden in Charlottesville.

Random Gallery Page

Random Gallery page design

What can I say, I'm a sucker for Waterhouse. The painting used in this design is called "Boreas", and it was lost for a long time, so it's not quite as ubiquitous as his other great ones... (see www.artmagick.com for tons of Waterhouse) For the right panel, I changed the colors to go with my design. The left shows a detail of a chalk sketch study for the painting. I used a photo of some red poppies along the bottom panel.

Amazing/Arrogant Page

Amazing/Arrogant page design

The captures on the right are from "Tough Love", when Willow goes after Glory. The capture on the right is from "Tabula Rasa", and the eyes along the bottom are from "Wrecked". I used some textures I grabbed from enfest.com plus a bit of that same cracked mud photo I used in the Slayerhood title graphic to add texture. Also a custom brush made from a bit of illuminated text cut out of newsweek (or was it us news and world report?).

Episode Gallery Page

Episode Gallery page design

All the images for this design came from pictures I took last weekend at the National Botanical Gardens in DC. I'm afraid I didn't do a good job at keeping track of what plants as I was taking photos of, so about the only thing I can id for sure is the orchids in the left frame. The rest were various close-ups of leaves or whatever non-leaf term you use to refer to what succulents have. The face up on the left corner is from part of the exterior architecture of the conservetory.

Clue Page

Clue page design

All images used in this design where taken by me with my trusty canon Powershot A50 Digital camera during the construction of my proto-type Buffy Clue set. Most appear in a more recognizeable format as figures/how-to-illustrations within the zipped package.

Clothes Page

Clothes page design

Again, all images used in this design where taken by me with my Canon Powershot A50 Digital camera. Just random still-life sewing supplies sitting on a couple of tops I've made.

NOTE: if you're not seeing the design the way it looks in these screen caps, try using a newish version if EI. I'm using 5.5.


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